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"Smile Pro Direct is wonderful! My teeth are white and look great! It?s convenient to use at home. People have told me I have movie star teeth!"
Lorraine G., Maricopa, AZ

"Smile Pro Direct is easy to use and it does work! I have seen quite a bit of difference! The product is convenient because you can use it in your own home and you don?t have to go out to buy it!"
Jeanne T., Charles Town, WV

"I was a smoker and after receiving Smile Pro Direct and using it I was amazed that I saw a difference the very first time! It has no bad taste, it?s actually very pleasant tasting. Very easy to use! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and the price is very reasonable!"
Sharon P., Ashland, TN

"I was unsure if Smile Pro Direct would really work, after all I didn't think my teeth had been that bad. After using it for only a week my husband started to say that i had my old smile back and it made me look not only younger but happier. Thanks for this great and easy product."
Jodi W., Fishers, IN

"This is a wonderful product. The results are amazing and extremely easy to use. My wife likes my new bright smile so much that I'm getting a lot more kisses now! Although my young kids think I look funny with the trays in my mouth!!!"
Leonard R., Arlington, TX

"Follow the simple instructions that are included with the package and Smile Pro Direct works great!"
Stan H., Greensboro, NC

"When I saw the product online, I was skeptical of trying any tooth whitening, but when I tried Smile Pro Direct, I noticed 2 shades difference right away. Now I am 4 shades lighter. I am a smoker, and told myself if I got my teeth whiter I would never smoke again. Thanks to Smile Pro Direct, I can follow that dream!"
Maria V., Conroe, TX

"I'm absolutely thrilled I have found Smile Pro Direct! My teeth were very sensitive after trying (supermarket brands) and my teeth never got whiter. I now use Smile Pro Direct and have a bright, pain-free smile!"
Tim M., Chicago, IL

"Dear Smile Pro Direct, I drink coffee everyday and I use Smile Pro Direct. My teeth are pearly white, my mouth is fresh and clean. I appreciate your product."
Linda K.

"Smile Pro Direct worked in one use. My teeth went from tea color to very bright. It was like someone took a scrub brush to my teeth. I had my teeth whitened by the dentist about 2 years ago and got the same results from Smile Pro Direct. After using the Smile Pro Direct for a half hour I looked in the mirror and said 'wow!'"
Mike M., Dubuque, IA

"I love the product. I got 3 shades lighter in just the first week - what a big difference. The trays are very comfortable and the system is so easy to use."
Tracy F., Tucson, AZ

"I drink coffee every morning and need it to start my day. With Smile Pro Direct, I can continue to have my daily java and still have bright white teeth!"
Tara Q., Spokane, WA

"Your Smile Pro Direct is wonderful.?? I noticed a change after my second try with it. It's easy to do and there is no obnoxious flavor. It truly is an amazing product."
Grace S., Catasauqua, PA

"It works very well and it?s a product I would recommend to anyone! It lives up to the expectations you have when you buy a product!"
Bobby J., Birmingham, AL

"Smile Pro Direct was very comfortable to use! A great product that was perfect for me and easy to use!"
Brigitte F., Las Vegas, NV

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